Farmer discovers huge object and is surprised by what it turns into

Over the course of history, scientists, researchers and archeologists alike have uncovered some incredible discoveries buried deep beneath the earth. In fact, the world is covered in incredible archeological sites that have been brushed away using tools and diggers. All of these discoveries shape our history – and it all starts with an initial discovery.

Most of the time, these discoveries are found in locations that have been tracked and mapped for years. Their digs are scrupulously detailed, and often planned years in advance, with masses of funding and even more research. Very rarely do we hear of someone just stumbling upon a historical relic or an intricate fossil in their backyard, or on their walk to work, or even during their salt water swim. Everything is seemingly meticulous in the world of archeology. Or is it?

Well, on Christmas Day in 2015, one man discovered something on his land that would change his life forever. Before too long, his property had become an intense archeological site that was being poked, prodded and dug from every angle to try and retrieve the treasure below. But what did he find? Well, you’ll have to read this story to find out…

[post_page_title]An unexplainable object[/post_page_title]

On Christmas Day in 2015, Jose Antonio Nievas had decided to get a bit of fresh air. However, as he walked across his land, he discovered something lurking underground, just slightly poking up from the earth.

Jose was immediately intrigued, but he had no idea what would happen next. Within days, his house was surrounded by police officers, archeologists, and researchers from all walks of life – to determine what was buried beneath the surface and uncover the treasure once and for all.

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