How to feel awake after a nap

Let’s be honest; naps are the bomb diggity. Yep, naps are the equivalent of hugging 1476 puppies all at once, eating donuts for your whole life without putting on a pound of weight, and having a hug from your favorite person in the world all day, every day. Whether you’ve had a long day at work, or a late night last night, there is nothing better than getting into fresh sheets during the middle of the day and having a nap. Although a nap is pretty short, it’s also pretty sweet. It’s comfy, it’s calm, and it’s relaxing… until you wake up. For some reason, getting up after a nap is nothing like getting up after sleeping overnight. You feel like a zombie, you look like a zombie, and you normally reach for the nearest coffee cup. However, this is how you can feel awake after a nap.

Eat a spoonful of honey

A spoonful of honey will help you wake up after a nap. This natural sugar allows your glycemic index to rise after your nap, and will also make you feel awake over time. We knew there was a reason why Winnie The Pooh loved honey so much.

How to feel awake after a nap

Nap earlier in the day

It can be pretty easy to nap after a long, hard day at work – because most of the time, you actually need it later in the day! However, experts suggest that the best time to nap is actually between 2 pm and 3 pm, as this is where we normally have a lull in our energy levels. Instead of forcing yourself to sleep, your body will naturally fall into a slumber.

Get up and moving

When you wake up from a nap, you normally like to slob around in your bed for a good hour as you scroll through your phone and let your body automatically wake up… but that’s not the way to do it. By getting up and moving around as soon as you wake up, you will feel even more awake quicker.

Don’t press snooze

If you’ve set yourself an alarm for just a short little somethin’ somethin’ of a nap, your alarm often wakes you up before you’re ready. Because of this, you might press snooze for an extra half an hour to allow you to catch a few more Z’s. However, pressing snooze will actually lead to fragmented sleep which can make you feel even groggier than before.

Have a banana

Most of the time, you’re not too hungry when you wake up from a nap because you’re feeling groggy and a little bit sick. Instead, you simply guzzle liters of water to hope it will quench your nap thirst – and although water will aid waking you up, it won’t do the trick on its own. By eating a banana, you will fill your body with all kinds of vitamins and minerals that will wake you up a treat.

How to feel awake after a nap

Have a glass of water

Okay, we’ve already touched on this, but having a glass of water is THE greatest way to wake you up after a nap – and we’d never lie to you, so you have to believe us! Not only will water help you wake up quicker, but it will also help you to maintain your alertness. Drink a glass of water, and you’ll be onto a winner.

The next time you have a nap, remember these 6 rules, and you’ll be awake in no time! Once you’ve done that, you can have a celebratory nap afterward to congratulate yourself…

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