The female cast of Scandal – where are they now?

If you love the Shonda Rhimes classics like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and How to Get Away with Murder, you’ve probably already fallen head over heels for the one and only hit political drama show, Scandal. This series truly has it all. We are talking love interests, affairs with the president himself, assassinations, white house drama, family drama, and of course, juicy scandals.

The show follows the stunning Olivia Pope, who manages her own crisis management firm while conducting her own scandalous affair with the President of the United States, Fitz Grant. Oh, did we mention that there are secret agents as well? The covert operations unit B613, which holds a big part of the show’s many divergent plotlines. In addition to its many awards and the actors who have been raking in the praise, this show is just good old-fashioned delicious drama. And we can’t seem to get enough.

There are seven full seasons of this hit ABC show to catch up on if you’re late to the game – and if you are, we honestly envy your upcoming binge. It makes for the perfect, immersive experience, and with its dramatic cliffhangers and insane plot twists, you will most definitely be getting your money worth. With over 12 million viewers this show has taken the world by storm. Loosely based on a former President of the United States administration (we’ll let you guess which one) including all of the drama, the affairs, the backhanded and conniving villains, and the most intense drive for success you have ever seen.

With an unbelievable cast, it was too hard to discuss them all. So we stuck to the truly impressive people in the story – The women. With lead actress Kerry Washington at the helm, surprising viewers at every turn, we just had to know more about our favorite actresses and what they are doing when the cameras stop rolling and the set clears up. We needed to know if these Emmy winning actresses live just as dramatic lives as their characters do on screen. That is why we compiled a list of our favorite Scandal actresses and found out how they look seven years after the show started without their business and lawyer suits on. Are they on any other of Shonda Rhimes’ shows? And most importantly, are any of these gorgeous women still single?

[post_page_title]Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins[/post_page_title]

Quinn Perkins takes the meaning of rising to the top to a whole new level. Once a junior operative for the covert government agency known as B613, she moves on to work for Olivia at her firm. Olivia eventually resigns from the firm to go back to B613 and run it and leaves the firm in Quinn’s hands. She renames it Quinn Perkins & Associates and is now running the show. She is also expecting a child with her fiancé, Charlie.

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