The five best apps to find great recipes

Are you craving that chocolate cupcake your colleague brought to the office the other day? Do you want to make a pesto pasta similar to the one you had at that restaurant last weekend? Do you wish you could make the best shepherd’s pie? Well, now you can fulfil all your food fantasies by going on a new culinary adventure to help you become the master chef of your own kitchen. We introduce you to the best five apps which will get you going like a real chef in no time.

In the Kitchen

Food Network’s In the Kitchen app makes cooking simple for all the seasoned chefs out there. It has more than 70,000 recipes, all curated by the experts in the food industry. One of its most used features, Cook with Me, is a voice control app assistant which allows users to cook without touching their devices. The app also has recently introduced the “story” feature, which works in a similar way as the ones on popular social networking sites.

The five best apps to find great recipes

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner app makes cooking a fun kitchen activity, and is loved by all of its users. With an enormous community of millions of home cooks, it has a thriving user base with tons of inspirational recipes to explore. Its personalized profile feature syncs everything across your devices. You can save recipes as favorites to view them later, and even share them with your friends.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is a recipe app designed especially for people who are new to the cooking arena. You will find recipes here that are inspired by food cultures from around the globe and are completely straightforward and easy to understand. Kitchen Stories has a fantastic user-friendly responsive design with great videos, making it a delightful platform to explore. This app gives you all the freedom to choose what you want depending on your cooking skills. In addition, it also offers educational cooking tips which make preparing food a little easier for you.

The five best apps to find great recipes


SideChef allows you to choose from a collection of over 10,000 recipes, all curated by top chefs and other food bloggers. It helps you plan and organise your weekly meals in less than ten minutes. Its unique feature, CookAssist, is a technology powered guide which makes cooking easy by remotely controlling your compatible devices. One of the best thing about this app is that you can even order groceries online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.


BigOven has a crisp and clean user interface which is easy to use. It lets you plan your meals by setting food preferences according to your diet. You can organize your favorite recipes and even add your own to the platform. It has a special feature to help you make recipes from the ingredients available right in your kitchen, which helps to reduce food waste. From planning your next keto diet to creating your own grocery shopping list with a check off feature, this app has all sorts of exciting things to explore.

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