Flattering make-up for minimalists

Just because you’re a minimalist, that doesn’t mean you have to be bare faced 24/7. Sure, perhaps holographic highlighters, feather brows, and fake freckles aren’t for you, but sometimes less is more, and there are so many flattering options for someone who doesn’t want a bold look but still wants to look beautiful. Here are some of our favorites.

Flattering make-up for minimalists

No makeup makeup

This is an obvious choice for a minimalist. The idea is to accentuate your best features and feel your best, without even looking as though you have makeup on. Start with a concealer and focus on your under eyes and any blemishes you may have. Softly blend and set with a finishing powder. Fill in your brows with a powder and make sure you brush through with a spoolie to soften any lines. Use a swipe of a natural looking mascara and a basic lip balm, and you are ready to go.

Doe-eyed beauty

Keeping the rest of your face very natural, (perhaps a little blush and concealer) focus on your eyes. Start with a warm neutral shadow on your lid, with a copper shade on the crease – be sure to blend! Add a deeper coppery shade on top of the eyelid and crease, and a touch of a shimmery champagne color in the inner corners to brighten them up. Use a brown eyeliner on the top lash line and the out half of the bottom before buffing with a clean brush to create a more natural look. Add a swipe of mascara and a nude lip and let your eyes do the talking!

The cat eye

A classic look that takes very little time but is a dramatic look without being too overstated. Apply a basic look on the rest of your face as required and really concentrate on the eyes. Apply a neutral base to the lid and a slightly darker shade (such as a taupe for example) to the outside crease. Blend to create soft edges and add a dab of light shadow in the inside corner. Create a small wing on the side of your eyes with eyeliner – many people feel that a felt tip is easiest, but still gives a strong look. Apply a few coats of mascara and keep brows natural.

Flattering make-up for minimalists

A sculpted face

Use a medium coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer and concealer to create a blank canvas. Take a contour powder and use in the hollows of your cheeks, under your jawline, along the top of your hairline, and then, with a smaller brush, down the sides of your nose – blend! Apply a simply highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, under the arches of your eyebrows and any other high points of the face. Use a little blush on the apples of the cheeks, blending out to your temples. Apply a few layers of mascara but keep your eyebrows as natural as possible.

Minimalist ladies, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can only wear makeup if you rock it like the beauty bloggers on Instagram. Makeup is personal, and if you want to keep things simple but stunning, hopefully, these are a few options you can try!

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