Foods to avoid for a long life

You may have read about the foods that can help you lead a longer, healthier life, but what about when it comes to the ones you should be avoiding? With all the hidden ingredients and secret effects, it might be surprising to hear the foods that are cutting down our lives.

Artificial sweet-tooth

So you may have heard of cutting down on sugar, but did you know that artificial sweetener could be just as bad? When consuming this food, your body is tricked into thinking you’ve had a whole host of calories. Once it realizes you haven’t, then your body can’t get sugar off the brain. This need triggers a bacteria imbalance in the body which can lead to conditions such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, or inflammation. It looks as though this sugar alternative is a no-go!

The ‘wrong’ fats

Although you can get the ‘right’ fats from food such as avocados, if you opt for something with trans fats you could be doing yourself more harm than good. Trans fats are vegetable oils that have had hydrogen added into the mix to change them from a liquid to a solid. This alteration means our bodies struggle to break them down and struggle to use other fats and proteins. To avoid trans fats, it’s best to keep away from the commercial food such as microwave meals or cakes.

Low-fat = no -go

While on the subject of fat, avoiding the stuff doesn’t mean we will live a fully healthy life. In fact, we need specific fats to keep our bodies ticking along! So when something comes in a low-fat option, that surely sounds like the best way to avoid too much of the stuff? Well, that may not be the case. Low-fat alternatives often replace the fat with another product that could be worse for our bodies in the long run. We could also end up eating way more as the lack of fat leaves us feeling hungry. Don’t fear the fat – it’s important just to have a balance!

Fried food

We’re sorry, but onion rings, corn dogs, and even french fries are on the list. These fried foods all contain high amounts of trans and saturated fats from the meat, as well as the oil that is used to deep-fry it all. Instead of cutting out all your favorite foods, you could think about baking your own fries or chicken nuggets at home as a healthier alternative.

Salty taste

Sometimes it can be too tempting to add salt to our fries or add in just a pinch of extra seasoning. However, there could also be food that has hidden salt that we don’t know about. All this excess sodium can be a recipe for heart failure, a stroke, heart disease, or high blood pressure. But have no fear! Many times you can simply cut down on your sodium intake by looking for low salt versions, or by easing up on the seasonings next time you’re making a meal.

Although it may not be fun to avoid certain foods, there is usually a healthier alternative to keep us satisfied. These taste great, and we know that we’re avoiding food that is stopping us live our lives to the fullest. With just a few simple changes, we’ll be on to a healthier lifestyle!

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