Gifts you can give your dog

Pet owners out there love their dogs more than anything or anyone else in the world, but with such busy lives, sometimes we can forget to show our genuine affection. When it comes to birthdays or Christmas we can often overlook our four-legged companion’s big day, but why should we be confined to one day to show our love? With so many great presents on the market no we can spoil our pooch all year round.

A personal pooch friend

What would be better than having your dog? How about having a cloned version that both you and your pup can cuddle up to in the evening? Well, companies are now able to hand stitch together an exact replica of your four-legged friend that they will love to snuggle up with, although they may perhaps be a tad confused over the mini-me! Either way, what could be better than receiving a plushie of your favorite canine friend yourself?

A Kong

We spend our lives telling children that they aren’t allowed to play with their food, but when it comes to our dog babies, we are a bit more relaxed. In fact, giving your dog a way to make their food last longer can be the perfect present for pups that have to stay home alone for any amount of time, or can suffer from separation anxiety. Plus, as an owner, you’ll get hours of amusement as your dog figures out the best way to get all the delicious treats out.

A pet treat camera

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 21st century has finally given us what we’ve been asking for: a way to tell our best friends that they are good boys and girls, and reward them when we aren’t there. These dispensers have a camera which is a great way to check that everything is alright with your pooch, while you can also give them the perfect surprise by dropping off a sneaky treat while they wait patiently for your return like the good dog they are.

Custom furniture

Your dog can now have even more style than you do with custom items. Be it a new food bowl, a bed, or a unique collar; you can have your pup’s name put onto just about anything. Plus this way they know they don’t have to spend hours guarding their possessions. With every other dog in the neighborhood knowing who owns what there is no longer a need for any arguments. And when they’re eating out their luxury named bowl they’ll look oh so stylish.

A ball thrower

We’ve all seen those individuals at the dog park with the alien looking plastic arms with a tennis ball attached – but what are those contraptions? Well, they’re special ball throwers that can launch a tennis ball further than you could ever dream of doing on your own. If your dog is a lover of a good game of fetch then investing in one of these will keep you both happy. Now you don’t have to worry about your arm getting tired, and neither does your dog!

A glow-in-the-dark rubber ball

When winter rolls around and the days start to get shorter, it can be hard to give your dog the outside time they long for, and when it comes to toys, there is no hope in finding those pesky things in the pitch black. But fear no more. With a glow in the dark ball, losing your doggie’s favorite toy in the evening will no longer be an issue. Now both you and your companion will be able to spot the culprit no matter what the lighting.

There are just so many to choose from when it comes to deciding on the perfect gift for our dogs, but there is something out there for every type of character. Buying gifts for our family can be a hard job, but when you know your dog better than anyone else (and they know all your darkest secrets you share with them when no one is home), you can easily make their lives better by showing them some love.

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