Stellar eyebrow products you should really pencil in

Eyebrows are the frame of your face, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Over the decades the concept of what the perfect eyebrow looks like changes. First it was super thick, then it was pencil thin, and so on and so forth. These days, eyebrows are on the thicker end of the spectrum again and women are going to great lengths to make their eyebrows look as trendy as they can.

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Stellar eyebrow products you should really pencil in

There are permanent eyebrow microblading that you can do if you are sure you want the more long-term eyebrow, or you can use makeup like the rest of us. There are thousands of brands out there that offer eyebrow pencils, shadow, liner and ink. I went from using a pencil to discovering the amazing shadow and brush technique that makes your eyebrows just how you want them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the top brand for all things eyebrows. I used to use the pencil to fill in the thinner areas of my brow, right around the arch, as well as lightly fill in the fuller areas to give the eyebrow a cohesive look. This worked for me for years. However, six months ago, I was privy to a private lesson by a good friend who used Anastasia’s brow shadow and Sephora eyebrow brush. Let me tell you… it changed my life.

The Brow Powder Duo (I use Blonde) and the Sephora PRO Brow Brush #20 are now my forever go-to’s when it comes to all things eyebrows. I have more control with where the filler goes and am also able to go beyond my natural brow to make them thicker without looking like a clown. This is just what works for me, but any other type may work for you. At the end of the day, if you want to fill in your brows, you need to find the product that works for you and your type of skin. An oily composition will tend to have better results with powder format, where a dry complexion will tend to have a better outcome with the pencil as they are mostly wax based.

Makeup gives us the tools to be on trend and cover up imperfections that we are unhappy with. While I am all about enhancing your look, there is indeed a fine line between making yourself look like a better version of yourself, and looking like a complete fool. Make sure you are in the safe zone and don’t go too far when it comes to makeup.

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