Groovy photos that captured how incredibly attractive people were in the ’70s

Even if you weren’t alive during the 1970s, you’ll know that this era has become one of the most iconic moments in time. The 1970s sparked a freedom revolution, the music instantly became legendary, and the style was out of this world…

[post_page_title]Roadside flowers[/post_page_title]

Flower Power was a way for the dissatisfied youth of the 1970s to protest against the ongoing war in Vietnam. Despite people’s objections to the violence going on around the world, that didn’t stop the conflict from taking almost two decades to draw to a close.

Roadside flowers

It wasn’t uncommon to see people like this girl trying to spread a message of love and peace by selling flowers by the roadside. Her lack of shoes, while perhaps a little impractical, was very typical for the ‘hippie’ movement.

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