A group of homeless men and women get a special surprise

A group of homeless men and women get a special surprise

Many people have misconceptions about homeless people. Some might think the worst of the homeless people they walk by on the street. There are many stereotypes about the homeless. For example, many think that homeless have drinking problems or are addicted to illegal substances. People might believe that someone who is living on the streets is doing so because they are too lazy to work or they were not responsible with their money.

However, the truth is that there are many reasons that lead people to a life on the streets. Many homeless people have simply fallen on hard times. They are veterans, people who have recently been laid off, or people who have lost their homes from various circumstances.

The life of a homeless person is extremely difficult and is often filled with hardships and desperation. So when a group of homeless men and women went to a local homeless shelter for a meal, they never expected to receive a big surprise. Ascencia homeless shelter in Glendale, California hosted an exciting day full of surprise for some people who had fallen on hard times. The results will warm your heart.

[post_page_title]Prank it Forward[/post_page_title]

Host Greg Benson went to Ascencia homeless shelter with the online series, Prank it Forward. Prank it Forward is a show in which different people from all walks of life are ‘pranked’ or surprised in a good way.

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Prank it Forward

In this episode, Benson set out to do some good for a group of local homeless people in Glendale, California. Little did he know how much he would change the lives of the shelter guests.

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