Growing up seven – America’s favorite septuplets

So, you are having a baby. You are probably feeling a whole lot of things right now. A crazy mix of fear, nervousness, elation, happiness, and excitement. Will you be a good parent? Will your child succeed? Will they be smart or sporty or both? And what if you have twins or triplets? How will you deal financially with raising so many kids?

Well, now take all of those feelings and multiply them by seven. That is exactly what happened with Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey when they found out that she was pregnant with seven children. And trust us, the family from Carlisle, Iowa was in complete and utter shock.

With the miracle which is in vitro fertilization enabling millions more women around the world to have families, things like twins or triplet are only becoming more common. In fact, one out of every 30 births in the United States are twins. However, every once in awhile, more than twins are born, and people will have four, five, six, and even seven children all at once.

In normal circumstances, twins or triplets occur when the egg in a woman’s uterus splits into two or three embryos. Sometimes, more than one egg gets fertilized. When the embryo splits this causes identical twins, and when more than one egg is fertilized, this causes fraternal twins. But when a woman needs to do in vitro fertilization, she usually tries to create as many embryos as possible in the hope that at least one of them will start to grow into a child.

[post_page_title]Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey[/post_page_title]

Iowa couple Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey had their first kid in 1996. Named Mikayla Marie, she was by all definitions a miracle child. Due to the fact that Bobbi had fertility problems because of a malfunctioning pituitary gland, the couple had to go through several rounds of in vitro fertilization before Mikayla could be born. But little did they know, this small expansion of the family was only the start of something bigger.

Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey

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