What a healthy relationship actually looks like

When we are in a relationship, it can be hard to see whether it is a healthy one or not, as we are too close to the subject. In our friends’ relationships, it can be a little easier as we are more removed from the situation but here are some sure-fire signs of what a healthy relationship looks like,

You make each other happy

This is a pretty simple one, but you would be surprised at how many people find themselves in a relationship where neither person is happy. It’s all too easy to stay with someone because you are used to being together, or because it is convenient, but unless you are making each other happy, it’s not healthy. Both partners should feel that the relationship enriches their lives, not makes it worse.

You are both on the same team

You are partners – that means you should be working together, not competing. Of course, a little friendly competition on date night such as mini golfing is a lot of fun, but in your general day to day life, you should feel as though you are teammates and try to help one another succeed.

You’re able to let the little things go

Everyone makes mistakes, but it is all about how you react to these mistakes, especially if they are accidents. Try not to take the little issues (for example, he forgot to pick up milk on the way home) as little, human mistakes, rather than any indication of how they feel about you.

What a healthy relationship actually looks like

You trust each other

In a healthy relationship, there should be no need to check up on your partner’s whereabouts, or log into their social media accounts and read their messages. You should both feel secure and trust the other person’s loyalty. If your partner gives you reasons to doubt them and doe nothing to soothe those worries, then it sounds like this is an unhealthy relationship.

You only ever fight fair

Arguing is a typical part of any relationship, but if you resort to outright mean behavior and unfair name calling then, that is just not on. You can’t have a healthy debate if one of you is playing dirty and there is nothing productive about that.

You are both happy to take responsibility

If one person is always getting the blame for problems in the relationship, or one is not willing to take responsibility for anything bad that happens, this is not a healthy relationship at all. A healthy couple is willing to take responsibility when they have done something wrong and apologize for it.

You are realistic about love

Keeping a relationship happy and healthy is not always easy, and sometimes it takes work. You and your partner need to both be willing to make an effort and have realizing expectations on how things should be.

What a healthy relationship actually looks like

If you are worried that you might be in an unhealthy relationship – you probably are. People who are in a healthy relationship are usually pretty certain about this, but if any of these points seem as though they might apply to you, it might be time to look at your relationship.

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