Healthy seeds you should eat every day

While seeds can seem boring by themselves, they’re actually an awesome addition to your diet. Not only do they give life to all our favorite fruits and vegetables that keep us going, but they can also act as delicious snacks, packed to the brim with necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If you’ve been wanting to add a handful of yummy seeds to your diet, but you’re not sure where to start, here are some healthy seeds that you can start enjoying today!

Open sesame

Topping off this list is a seed that is so popular in the health community, the essential nutrients that it provides are actually named after it. Yup, the mighty sesame seed is loaded with the polyphenols, sesamolin and sesamin. Studies have suggested that just three tablespoons of this seed every day can help provide you with a stronger immune system, may lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and might even help you maintain a slim physique. They can be enjoyed raw, but many traditional recipes call for them to be served mixed in breads, worked into crackers, and sprinkled on top of salads and soups.

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Here’s one seed that you may have seen at the store, but passed up out of respect to your childhood garden pet. Yep, chia seeds aren’t just for growing wacky terrariums anymore. These tiny, grainy seeds may seem like an unconventional snack, but they’re actually incredibly filling and nutritious. In fact, they absorb a lot of water…up to 12 times their own weight! Like rice and oats, they can help you feel full for a longer period of time, providing a satisfactory topper to any meal. Despite their tiny size, they are absolutely loaded with vitamins such as C and K, essential trace minerals like phosphorus and magnesium, and a surprising amount of protein and calcium per serving. All these combine to help improve both digestive and mental health, lend a boost of energy, and may help reduce joint inflammation and pain. Sprinkle a spoonful of chia seeds on top of your toast and dig in!

Go a little bit nuts

Did you know that cashews, walnuts, and almonds aren’t actually nuts at all? Well, you would have if you’d eaten more of them! They’re actually the seeds of their respective plants, and they have tons of known health benefits. Research has indicated that they’re great for improving memory, learning ability, and mental acuity. Each seed also addresses different parts of the body in their own way, making them great to mix together. Almonds are known for having a great amount of antioxidants and fibers that can help with digestion and circulation, while walnuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids and protein that can help improve skin, hair, and nails. Finally, cashews are heavy on essential minerals, including copper, iron, and zinc – which can help keep your eyes and your heart healthy.

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Whether you are concerned about your mental health, your bodily health, or even wanting to keep a closer eye on your internal health, a few seeds thrown in at each meal time every day will keep you operating at peak capacity. Try them out in all your favorite recipes, nosh on them directly from the bag, or simply throw a bag of cashews or almonds into your backpack for when your midday cravings strike. No matter how you include these seeds in your diet, you’ll love both their delicious flavor and awesome health benefits, too!

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