Healthy ways to lose weight without dieting

Picture the scene: you’re getting for a night out with your pals, and you reach into your closet for your favorite skirt that makes all the boys go loco…and it doesn’t fit! (*Gasp) As you start to wonder whether you’ve shrunk it in the wash or whether you’ve drunk some weird Alice in Wonderland style drink, you then realize that it MIGHT have something to do with all of the food you’ve been eating with your brand new beau, all of the drink you’ve been consuming after work, and the fact that you haven’t exercised since that time you ran to the donut shop before it closed last week. While dieting would be the easiest option to slip back into that skirt again, experts have suggested that dieting may not be the healthiest option in the long run – which is great for us and our snack cupboard!

Try to chill out

Okay, we know there is nothing worse than someone telling us to ‘chill out’ when we’re super stressed and annoyed (and most of the time it makes us even more annoyed), but these irritating sons of guns do have a point. One of the main reasons people put on weight is because they have added stress in our lives – and there really is nothing better than stress eating. However, learning to cope with your stress and learning how to chill out may help you on your weight loss journey.

Try to drink more water

Be honest now, how many glasses of water do you drink a day? If you don’t drink enough water, you may find that you eat more – because our body actually signals hunger symptoms when actually it’s just craving a little extra hydration. Because of this, we often eat unnecessary food when our body is not in need of it, which can pile on the pounds. So, if you’ve got a bit of a rumbly tummy, just pour yourself a glass of water or a low-calorie drink and see if it helps!

Try to eat more protein

When you think of protein, you might think of boring lunches of chicken and rice, and protein shakes for breakfast. While these foods do contain lots of protein, there are other less tedious ways to add protein to your diet, and eating more can genuinely help you lose weight – and what’s better than that? One expert has suggested that eating 20 – 30 grams of protein during each meal, as this can help to stabilize your blood sugars.

Try to exercise more

Omg, did you know this?! Of course, it’s no secret that exercise helps us lose weight, but some of us like to ‘conveniently’ forget this fact – because we absolutely hate it. While we all know that getting a sweat on in the gym (and not just the sauna) helps us to burn calories, experts have noted that women actually burn more calories after eating a protein-filled meal. So if you can’t quite wake yourself up in the mornings, it might be better to go in the evenings!

Try to add weights into your exercise routine

There are some people (i.e., us) who just can’t stay in the gym for two hours, which means we have to find shorter ways to burn calories and lose weight. One of the best ways to do this is to add weights to your exercise routine and to incorporate HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) into your workouts. These exercises can both increase muscle mass and burn more calories than simple cardio. It’s faster, too…

Try to eat the rainbow

No, we’re not telling you to eat ten bags of Skittles for each meal! Instead, it’s important to try and eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables for your meals, rather than simple green fruit and veg. These color varieties actually feature different vitamins and minerals that will all aid your healthy eating process and your ability to lose weight.

Try to sleep more

Now, this is something we can really get behind – because we just love a good ol’ sleep. If you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to ensure that you get enough sleep, because those who are restricted on their Zs actually suffer in terms of their metabolism. Because of this, it becomes much easier to gain weight, which is not the aim of the game.

Are you struggling to lose weight but want to still eat a piece of cake and a few cookies every now and then (we don’t blame you?) Well, luckily there are ways to lose weight without dieting…

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