Hilarious celebrity photo fails they wish never happened

Taylor Swift and her #TotesAwk prom photos

If you had the chance to experience your own Freaky Friday and swap lives with a celebrity, would you do it? Which celeb would you choose? Gigi Hadid? George Clooney? Rachel McAdams? Dwayne Johnson? We don’t blame you for wanting to switch lives – because the lives of the rich and famous offer everything you could possibly want in life.

Thanks to apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, we can take a look at the up close and personal lives of some of our favorite celebs. We can search their personal and professional history with a few taps on our keyboards, so we can even uncover hilarious photographs of them at school. Because we get to know every little detail about these celebs, fans across the world know when something is a little off. Don’t believe us? Check out these hilarious celebrity photo fails they wish never happened.

[post_page_title]Taylor Swift and her #TotesAwk prom photos[/post_page_title]

Oh, Tay-Tay. Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us! Our teenage years are full of experimentation and change and learning what works for us, and we’re kinda allowed to be #TotesAwks every now and then. We’re allowed to wear outfits that definitely don’t suit us, we’re allowed to experiment with makeup and brand new looks, and we’re even allowed to try out new personalities before finding the perfect fit.

Taylor Swift and her #TotesAwk prom photos

Taylor Swift was obviously still going through this stage when she attended her own high school prom because this doesn’t look like the woman we know and love. The fake tan? The gang signs? This is a far cry from our favorite country girl…

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