The most embarrassingly hilarious fashion design fails

Fashion is one of the best ways we have to express ourselves as people. It’s a way for us to truly present who we are to the world, and show our unique way of thinking to the rest of the world.

Are we sophisticated business people, or are we yoga lovers? Are we sports fans or are we into rock bands? Everyone has their own thing, and fashion is our way of showing it. Of course, there are fashion trends that a lot of people follow, but everyone does it in their own special way.

But from time to time, we come across a fashion item we simply can’t ignore. We’re talking, of course, about fails in fashion designs that are so hilarious, it’s only a matter of time until they end up all over the internet.

It can be a terrible mistake in the writing, unfortunate circumstances that give the text a double meaning, or just a truly terrible angle – but these fashion fails are by far the worst we’ve ever seen. These pictures we found all over the web show some of the most embarrassing clothing items ever, and they have certainly made our day. Read on to find out which hilarious fashion fails made it to our list.

[post_page_title]Don’t be happy, worry[/post_page_title]

They say when you smile to the world, it will smile right back to you. And indeed, what a positive message to send out to the world. This is actually a valuable lesson about positioning words when you’re designing just about anything. A simple change in the word placement and you’re going from the happy-go-lucky message of “don’t worry, be happy” to the dark and pessimistic message of “don’t be happy, worry.” This shirt is no doubt designed for particularly realistic people who understand what life is really about. Because if you’re happy all the time and never worry about anything, unexpected bad things might happen. It’s much better to expect the worse and be surprised by nothing, right?

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