Photos of pets who misbehaved and needed to be taught a lesson

Has your pet ever done something that really drove you crazy? Before you know it they’ll go back to chewing the sofa or rolling around in things they shouldn’t, and you’re left tearing your hair out with stress. What can you do to get the message across?

It turns out that naming and shaming them might be the way to go. We’re not sure if they truly understand what’s going on, but they always look pretty guilty with themselves whenever we take a photo of what they’ve done (with a note attached, of course). There are some pets who still seem pleased with themselves despite everything, but the majority of them learn their lesson.

[post_page_title]Couldn’t bear the thought[/post_page_title]

Take another look if you didn’t spot it at first. That’s right, this cheeky dog allowed their true feelings towards pandas to be shown, and now they’re paying the price.

We think they look pretty cute as a dog-panda hybrid, although they don’t seem particularly pleased with their comeuppance. Maybe if the panda hadn’t been an antique, they might have been in a more forgiving mood.

[post_page_title]Mean team[/post_page_title]

Just like siblings, it’s usually more often than not that cats and dogs don’t get along. However, the two animals have been known to form alliances when it suits them most. Look at these two here. These partners in crime have established a system that provides the dog with socks for eating and the cat with… well, we’re not sure.

Perhaps they just like stealing things? Either way, they had a pretty good thing going together until they were caught red-handed (or should that be red-pawed?).

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