How to deal with your boss

Bosses are people that we hope will help us be successful, that will motivate us, and push us to do our best. However, this is not always the case and there’s a good chance most people will end up with a boss they do not get along with. If you’re one of those people here are some tips for how to deal with your boss.

Is your boss bad?

This is a precaution but before you try to fix your boss make sure they are really bad. Observe their behavior and try to understand where they come from and why they do what they do. Don’t just believe what co-workers say and ask yourself, if people are being too hard on them. See if their actions are really out of line and then form a judgment.

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Understand their motivation

Try to understand why bosses act the way they do. Do they treat their employees badly, or is it just a different management style that most people are not used to? Learn what motivates them, is it profits or good work ethic or something else most people don’t consider? Truly understanding a boss’s motivation will always help create a better relationship.

Keep on working

No matter how a boss treats their employees, it should never affect work. You need to work as best as possible to stay on good terms with company leaders and also to keep your job. Trying to get back at a boss will only worsen the relationship between bosses and employees. If the boss really is bad, then it’s best to just keep your head down and carry on with work.

Stay one step ahead

If the problem is a micromanager then this tip is vital. Always keep ahead of work that has to be done. Be as productive and professional as possible; that way, if the boss does check in on work then you will have already been prepared for any interaction. This will also reinforce the fact that they don’t need to check your work every few hours and will begin to trust you to do the work that needs to be done.

Be your own leader

When an incompetent boss is the problem, sometimes making leadership directions on your own is best. Don’t wait for management to come in at the last minute and try to organize things. Instead, in a professional manner, take the initiative and sort out any problems that you may have. Never undermine a boss’s authority but if you know what needs to be done, be confident and take control.

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Find their triggers

If the boss has anger management problems, then it is advised to find out what sets them off. Once you understand what makes them angry, work your best to avoid making those mistakes and keep out of their hair. If they don’t like latecomers, for instance, then make sure you are always there before you need to so there’s no reason for them to be upset with you.

Avoid bad bosses

Whenever one moves to a new work environment they should always check that the management there is better than previous jobs. All it takes is having lunch or coffee with the staff there to better understand how a new workspace operates. Using one’s time and doing the research before joining a company can help one to best avoid any bad boss experiences in the future.

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