Hunting fashion bargains online: how to save money

Fashion changes faster than we can keep up with, and with new technologies, it becomes both easier and harder to find the right pieces at a bargain. No need to worry, because we have some helpful tips on how to find the best bargains online.


Look out for coupon codes

Many websites have coupon codes dedicated to first-time users or members once they log in. This will get you percentages or set amount off, purely for joining a website. There are also applications and social media accounts dedicated to sharing coupon codes. The browser add-on, Honey, is a good example of this. Social media plays a huge influence in our life and many social media celebrities also get deals from fashion companies in which you can click a link and get a discount on their behalf. These discounts are everywhere so keep a lookout and take note when you see them.


Save money on shipping

This is another way to save money but without coupon codes. Many websites have deals where if you spend over a certain amount, you get shipping for free. This is particularly helpful for those who live in less mainstream areas. Shipping sometimes can cost just as much as the item you are buying so this is a great way to save money. You can do this by keeping a note of things you need and doing one big purchase so you don’t overspend but also spend enough on the things you need that you can get shipping for free. It is also helpful that all the things you order will come together and as an added bonus, it’ll be just like your birthday when they arrive.

Hunting fashion bargains online: how to save money


Don’t purchase the items in your cart immediately

When browsing if you find something you want to buy, it may be tempting to add it to your cart and check out immediately. Don’t do this! It sounds counterproductive to not buy the thing you’re shopping for but if you leave items in your cart for a couple of days after browsing, some websites give you a bargain to encourage you to check out. This is a cool hack to save money but can only be used once in a while.


Wait for sales

It’s not only stores in malls that partake in holiday cheer. Many websites do sales of up to 70% off on holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even for Christmas. In the fashion industry, you can even get lucky by doing seasonal shopping. This means that you can buy winter clothes towards the end of the winter season to save money as websites want to get rid of extra stock and start advertising summer clothes. Planning your shopping spree for the right time can get you huge bargains. Even if it means buying a swimming costume during Winter it’s worth it.


Shop in local stores online

Many of your local stores have websites for retail as well. This means that you can buy from your local stores from the comfort of your couch. This saves you on import tax as well as shipping as there is no need for those things. You can even save further by opting to pick up your online orders from your nearest store. This also means that your purchases will arrive quicker and who doesn’t want that?

Hunting fashion bargains online: how to save money

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