Jet Li responds to fans after they say he looks ‘unrecognizable’ in a recently released photo

Jet Li is one of the most well known martial arts masters this world has ever seen. He has appeared in countless action films, every single one unique in their own way. He is known for his exceptional speed, and it is this reason that people have considered him one of the greatest. But even the strongest competitors have their pitfalls, and some fans are wondering if Jet Li is on his steep and steady decline. The main catalyst for all of these interesting murmerings was a photo that was released recently. It was a photo of Li and his personal assistant at a temple in Tibet – and it made people a little nervous.

Why were people so nervous to see this picture? Well… for one, Jet Li was receiving aid to stand up from his assistant. Another, he had clearly aged a lot over the passing years, and it really showed in the picture. But can we really take this picture at face value? Sometimes pictures can be very deceiving, and they can cause us to jump to inaccurate conclusions that make us look foolish later. Luckily, Jet Li himself had something to say about the matter – and what he had to say was quite interesting.

[post_page_title]The photo that got people talking[/post_page_title]

Very recently, in May of 2018, a photo was released of Jet Li on social media. The picture was of 55 year old Jet Li smiling with his personal assistant, while visiting a holy temple in Tibet. But something was a little off. At first glance, you may not have thought it was him, and many fans had to look twice before they realized they were looking at their favorite martial arts star. But once it dawned on them that yes, the “old man” in the picture was indeed Jet Li, they began to grow seriously concerned. He didn’t look well… And there were a number of things in the picture that made people feel this way.

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