Jon and Kate Plus 8: What do the kids look like today?

One of the great things about watching reality television is that the audience gets to see (seemingly) real events as they occurr. In a way, this makes viewers feel closer to the cast as they are getting to know real people and not just characters. This is especially true of reality shows that revolve around families. Normally, people keep their quirky habits and true personalities to themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

We don’t always see the true personality of someone in real life as most of us try to present the best version of ourselves to the people around us. However, in the privacy of our own homes, we reveal our true colors. This is why reality shows are so enticing to viewers as they give us a look behind the doors of strangers. This could be one of the reasons why so many new reality shows are popping all the time.

We have all heard of the Kardashian family and the stylish sisters have become so engrained in our culture that we forget they got their start on a reality show. The Kardashians are now a multi-millionaire dynasty and it all began when they let cameras into their home (and because of a certain, scandalous video).

While there are reality shows about celebrity families and what life is like on the Jersey Shore, one television channel has gained a monopoly over reality shows that revolve around families with sets of multiples.

The learning channel (TLC) has created a number shows that focus on families with a number of children. For example, 19 Kids and Counting was a TLC show that revolved around the Duggar family who had 19 children. There was also Quints by Surprise, which gave us a closer look at the Jones family who had 6 children (5 of whom were born at the same time).

One of the families that TLC made an entire show about was the Gosselin family. The family consisted of Kate, her husband Jon, their twin daughters Mady and Cara and their sextuplets who were just toddlers at the beginning of the show. The show was extremely successful and it lasted for ten seasons.

The audience got to see all of the kids grow up as well as the heartbreaking divorce of Jon and Kate. The show eventually evolved into Kate Plus 8 after the marriage dissolved. Everyone has been wondering what the Gosselin kids look like today and what the family is up to.

[post_page_title]Joel | Then[/post_page_title]

Joel is one of three Gosselin boys and the youngest of the sextuplets. He was a sweet and fun loving child on Jon and Kate Plus 8 and viewers loved tuning in to see him say adorable things. Joel notoriously did not get along with his brother Collin and he was closest with his sisters Leah and Hannah. Joel was probably the most easy going of all the kids although he did whine to get his way.

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