Juicy facts about Erika Jayne

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been on our screens since 2010 and is the sixth installment in The Real Housewives franchise. The show has followed the lives of 16 different housewives so far, but with so many faces coming and going it could be in for a shakeup any day. However, there is one face that has stood out to us more than the others over the years. Someone that brings enough sass, drama, and humor to the show we almost don’t need any of the others. Someone exactly like Erika Jayne.

This superstar began her career as a singer but has since gone on to become one of the leading ladies of the reality show. Although she has always tried to give us the most realistic image she can, it looks as though there are secrets that lay behind this star that we never knew. How does she hide them so well when most of her life is broadcast on TV? After scratching the surface of this star’s life, it isn’t long before we get a glimpse of what life is like behind closed doors. There’s nowhere to hide Erika Jayne; we’re coming to find out all your best-kept secrets!

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It looks as though Erika’s fanbase goes beyond just the free world – the star recently revealed she’s received a letter from prison! According to Erika, the prisoner is doing a life sentence with no chance of seeing the outside, but that didn’t stop them from imagining all the ways they could have fun with Erika. Unsurprisingly, the star never replied to the letter and has confirmed that she won’t be starting a new relationship with someone behind bars. That’s good as we’re not sure Erika’s husband would be pleased with the competition! Especially as he works on the right side of the law and could put them back behind bars, if they ever did manage to be released.

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