Juicy facts about Ree Drummond

Blogging has become big business nowadays. What started off as a way to simply document thoughts and feelings on the world wide web – kind of like journaling – is now a multi-billion dollar industry that everyone wants a slice of. Big names such as Arianna Huffington, Michelle Malkin, and Perez Hilton have totally turned the world of blogging on its head, proving that finding the right niche can catapult you to fame. It is thought that there are now 440 million blogs on the internet, with most everyone of them hoping to become the next big thing.

Of course, we are missing one name off that list – Ree Drummond. When Ree started her blog, ThePioneerWoman.com, she probably never expected it to become as big it has. Back in 2006, the young writer simply wanted to talk about her life in the country, food, and a bit of family life thrown in for good measure. The Pioneer Woman is now a household name, spawning book deals and TV shows aplenty. While Ree Drummond may document the majority of her life online, they are some things she has kept out of the limelight. Even the biggest fans of Ree Drummond and The Pioneer Woman probably don’t know all of these facts about the blogger turned celebrity.

[post_page_title]Questionable episode[/post_page_title]

For all of you out there who love Ree Drummond for her cooking, maybe there’s a small chance you missed something in one of her episodes in The Pioneer Woman. In season two, episode three, an event occurred within a span of two minutes that had people outraged, and made them question how The Food Network could have possible permitted the episode to air. It all started when Ree decided to prepare some hot wings for family. Seems innocent enough, right?

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