Life’s most underrated pleasures

Let’s be honest, us humans are stuck in our ways. We all have our own routines, and we ensure that we stick to it every day. This means that every minute of our life is planned, and we get pretty darn anxious when we leave for work five minutes later than we usually do. After all, every action has a reaction, and if we leave for work later, we hit more traffic, we get to work later, and we don’t get to leave work as early. It’s like a game of adult dominos. Yes, most of us love to stay inside of our comfort zone, inside our house, and inside our own heads. However, that isn’t always possible.

To ensure that we live normal lives, we often have to take ourselves out of our little circle and into a brand new circle of awkwardness and discomfort – but that’s totally okay. To get us through these little instances, most of us have little tips and tricks that allow us to act like normal people, but we rarely realize what they are. It might be that you like to buy a takeaway coffee to give you a little caffeine boost, or it might be what we all call universal underrated pleasures – which means you’re not the only one who finds pleasure in these actions. From popping bubble wrap, to having a lie-in on a Sunday morning, to having an incident of road rage, these are life’s most underrated pleasures…

[post_page_title]Having your own train time[/post_page_title]

Dear readers, train time is one of the best-underrated pleasures you could ever experience! Rather than pushing and shoving hordes of people out of the way to get a tiny patch of train to stand on, this underrated pleasure involves an empty train where you have a whole window seat to yourself. It’s bliss. What makes this underrated pleasure even better is when you simply pop in your headphones and drift off into your own little world, where you take part in your own music video. Come on; we’ve all done it.

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