Lifestyle blogging 101

So you want to start your own lifestyle blog? Amazing! I applaud any individual who wants to take that huge step forward and send their words into the digital sphere. Blogging is a wonderful outlet for self-expression and growth. There are many platforms you can use to create your blog, as well as different ways to design it just the way you like it, and promote it as well. I have been blogging for a year now and have been through several platforms before reaching the perfect one (for me). We are all different and have different visions in mind for what our blog is all about. Here are some pointers for beginning bloggers:

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Lifestyle blogging 101
  • Platform: I was initially using Wix as my blog platform. I am now using Squarespace. Each of these platforms is sensational. Wix has a free option as well as Wix ADI which helps design the blog for you – no coding knowledge necessary (which was perfect for me since me and coding do NOT go hand in hand).
  • Domain: I used to get my domain name for the blog. What a domain name is, is the name of the actual website. You will get an initial Wix or Squarespace link but you want to have your own special website name that is the name of your blog, of course! For a small amount of money per year, you can get your very own domain name. Having your own domain will give your blog a more serious and professional air to it.
  • Design: Like I said before, Wix has Wix ADI for you to design your blog. There are many templates to choose from. It’s amazing. Changing any of the design is also very easy once you get the hang of the the page. Squarespace, which is a paid platform, has INCREDIBLE blog templates at the ready for you, all you have to do is click on the one you like. The only down side to it is that moving things around in terms of design, for the main page, is no possible. However, I never needed to as their design is so beautiful and functional.
  • Content: My recommendation to you is that you write at least two blog posts before you launch your blog so as to have some content available for those who go on your site. It’s a little sad to go onto a blog that only has one blog post on it, especially if the design that you chose is set to show many more posts on the main page.
  • Promotion: Once your blog is up and running, it’s time to promote! Now, I am not at the stage where I am paying to promote my blog but I do use social media to my advantage. I linked my blog to every single social media profile I have, as well as post my newest blog posts to each platform when a new blogpost is hot off the presses.

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