The best fashion documentaries everyone must watch

The fashion industry is constantly changing, but a considerable disruption in the system has been witnessed in the last five years. Fashion aficionados are progressively becoming aware that the stylish clothing they’ve been yearning for is lacking in creativity, taking advantage of the vulnerable, and polluting the earth. The following best fashion documentaries are encouraging us to lift the curtain on the fashion industry and push for a system that is less detrimental to the environment.

Advanced Style

Advanced Style is a fashion documentary inspired by the fond relationship Ari Seth Cohen had developed with his late grandmother. Having been fascinated by fashion enthusiasts who were in their later years, he launched a project to document these creative stylers and senior fashionistas who were lacking representation in the mainstream media. It first started as a blog, then a book, and finally, there is now a thrilling documentary called Advanced Style based around this original idea and product. The documentary has established a community of fashionistas who are now living life to the fullest.

Advanced Style is meant to inspire its viewers to step out of the rulebook and question the norms that we’ve all seemingly accepted as universally applicable in fashion. Watch Advanced Style and draw potential fashion inspirations from it.

The True Cost

The True Cost kicked off as a campaign to fight for fair fashion. When producer Michael Ross and director Andrew Morgan released the film in 2015, it unveiled some other sides of the fashion industry.

As you may be aware, many bad practices within the fashion industry were exposed to the public about a decade ago – the intensity and scale of the issues was a mystery for many. The industry has been capitalizing on cheap labor, dangerous chemicals, and rigorous advertising to sell substandard goods. Watch this documentary and discover the reason behind the introduction of the conscious fashion movement.

The Next Black

This is a film in which the future movers and shakers of the fashion world are interviewed. In The Next Black, the world’s best designers, leaders, and innovators within the fashion industry come together to discuss possible solutions and ideas that would bring a better change in the industry.

Watch this film to get an inside scoop of those who are new to the fashion world alongside household names as they give their hopeful opinions regarding the future of their industry. This documentary will certainly ignite passion in those who are hoping to be part of the solution.

Picture Me: A Model’s Diary

The Picture Me: A Model’s Diary is a 2011 documentary that follows model Sara Ziff as she takes the helm around the fashion industry. This film feels impeccably relevant considering recent discussions revolving around woman’s rights these days. Alongside her co-director Ole Schell, Ziff dives headfirst into many of the topics that had been left untouched in previous documentaries.

The film offers a rare look into the fashion show productions through personal footage and intimate interviews. Picture Me: A Model’s Diary opens its viewers eyes and shows them everything you want to know about the lives of those folks who are commonly seen but not often heard.