The lowdown on computer glasses

We millennials spend most of our days looking at some sort of screen. I, for one, spend eight hours a day in front of a computer at work, plus an embarrassing amount in addition to that in front of the television and iPhone screen. A few months back, I noticed that my vision was getting blurry at around 1:00 PM every single work day, and I was getting more and more headaches. I thought, since my vision was going in and out that I needed reading glasses.

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What ended up being the culprit of all of my issues was eye exhaustion due to the blue light that was emanating from the various screens I was in front of. I had no idea such a thing existed, let alone affecting my sight in such a way. As I was getting my eyes checked, the optometrist advised me that my number had not changed (I am slightly nearsighted) but that what I was describing to him sounded like eye exhaustion. What he offered me was a pair of glasses with a special film inside the lens that filtered at least 60% of the blue light that the screen was releasing.

I thought to myself that if this was a sham that I would know within a couple of days since I would still be feeling the effects, so I decided to go ahead with the glasses as a sort of experiment. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I decided to get the glasses. First and foremost, my eyes didn’t get blurry. I made sure to wear the glasses without taking them off, even though it took some getting used to having them on my face. I knew that removing them and then putting them back on would only cause me more harm and dizziness.

The second thing I noticed was that my headaches were also gone. I did feel slight discomfort on my nose and behind me ears, but that’s just because I wasn’t used to wearing glasses every single day for hours on end; that eventually went away.

Conclusion: if you are in front of a screen for hour and hours and find yourself feeling the effects of the blue LED light – get yourself a pair of glasses with the filtering system within. They will save you so much discomfort along the way – plus look very cute on you!

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