How to make the perfect eggnog

How a drink called Eggnog became synonymous with Christmas, we’ll never know. Especially when there are so many other amazing Christmas drinks, but it happened! Eggnog raises more questions than it answers; such as whether it contains eggs and also what on earth ‘nog’ is?! So here is our guide on how to make the perfect Eggnog.

What you will need for traditional Eggnog:

Egg Yolks

Yep, there really is raw eggs in Eggnog, quite a few in fact. The general rule is around four yolks for each quart of Eggnog you are making. Delicious. You don’t have to be worried about salmonella because of science and also the magic of Christmas or something.


Thank goodness that there is something to take away the eggy taste! There is no hard and fast rule on sugar, just decide how sweet you want your ‘nog to taste. George Washington’s recipe recommended around a ¾ cup or 12 tablespoons of sugar.

How to make the perfect eggnog

Whole milk

Does this count as a healthy beverage? Will you still get all the calcium benefits? Will this, and the eggs make us grow big and buff like the Rock?! The main basis for Eggnog is milk, so treat yourself to the good stuff!

Heavy cream

This drink is certainly not for the dairy allergic or vegans out there! Again, there are differing options for this depending on what recipe you are following, but it tends to be around two parts whole part to one part heavy cream. Heavy cream makes everything better for sure.


The good stuff! Of course, you can have non-alcoholic Eggnog, but honestly, where is the fun in that?! Which spirit (or spirits!) you use is entirely up to what you prefer. For example, Martha Stewart is all about the cognac, dark rum, and bourbon, whereas former president George Washington was a fan of Jamaican rum, sherry, and rye whiskey. The only way to decide what is best is to test out all the options!


This is what gives Eggnog that distinctly Christmassy taste – after all, eggs are not especially festive are they. Freshly grate your nutmeg for the best results, and feel free to add a little extra in the form of cinnamon or vanilla if that is what you fancy.

How to make the perfect eggnog

Whipped Egg Whites (Optional)

A lot of people get worried about the fact that these are raw, but if you want to live on the edge, adding egg whites is a great way to make the drink stretch a bit further, lighten it up, and use those leftover bits from earlier Eggnog adventures.

Or of course, you could save yourself some kitchen hassle and buy it in a carton, but where is the festive spirit (pun intended) in that? This Christmas, challenge yourself to make some Eggnog from scratch, and take it to a holiday party! This guide should help you whip up the perfect batch of Eggnog, that your friends will want you to make time and time again.

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