Man gets thrown off flight for wearing all his clothes to avoid baggage fee

Let’s be honest; we love nothing more than packing our bags, slathering ourselves with sun lotion, and taking a nice, long vacation so that we can relax and unwind before going back to the daily grind. But of course, you don’t have to choose a hot destination to make the most of your free time. You could choose to ski in the French Alps, or hike in the Colorado mountains, or even check out the natural geysers in Iceland. However, booking a vacation isn’t always easy. Alongside the accommodation, the food, and the attractions, it’s fair to say that your flights will also set you back a pretty penny – especially with all of the added extras involved. With everything from the extra legroom, to booking your seats, to your in-flight meals, everything adds up. Yet, it doesn’t end there. With long flights often come long delays, irritating neighbors, or even people standing in line for the restroom. None of it is very fun. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse with one flying customer, who found himself thrown off two different flights for bending the rules…

Back in the day, you used to be able to book your flights and your vacation in one package deal. You knew exactly what you were paying for, and what came with that price. Yet, things have changed in the past decade or so. Now, you have a set price for the flight itself – but you then have to add on various fees for food, seating arrangements, and your luggage. Unless you’re going on a short weekend trip, it’s fair to say that we all take large travel cases with us whenever we board a flight. You fill your cases with all of the clothes, toiletries and other items you could possibly need throughout the duration of your vacation. This can often bump up the price of your flights – something not everyone can afford. In fact, these extra prices can often lead to people canceling their vacations or choosing brand new destinations closer to home. In some cases, this can even leave people stranded in a foreign country.

Although we all know the rules of the sky, sometimes their strict enforcement can leave us feeling baffled and confused. One man decided to question those rules and take a stand at the airport – and embrace his own Joey Tribbiani moment. Yet, he soon discovered that the rules were not there to be broken, in what became a struggle between race, money, power, and control. This is how one man got thrown off two flights for bending the rules…

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When you go on vacation, paying for your accommodation and flights normally come hand in hand with a few rules. Yet, these rules are constantly changing – and putting more and more people out of pocket every single year. One unlucky traveler felt the full force of bending the rules in January 2018, which left him without his luggage, without any money or shelter, and a little hot under the collar. This is the story of how a man was thrown off two flights for bending the rules.

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