How to match your diet to your blood type

One thing that is pretty personal to you is your blood type. Some of us will go our whole lives without knowing what our blood type is, however, there are some benefits to knowing this. For example, Dr. D’Adamo suggests that there are a specific diet and exercise plans that is perfect for each blood type.

Blood types and food groups

There are different groups of food (lean meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, oils, nuts/seeds, beans, cereals, bread, muffin, grains, pasta, juice, cooked vegetables, raw vegetables, fruit and water), where the amount or frequency that you consume this should be altered depending on your blood type. You also need to take into account your ethnicity, as this will also have an impact.

How to match your diet to your blood type

Type O

Type O is the oldest blood type, and if you fall into this category, you should eat a diet of lean meat, fish, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. Try to limit your intake of grains and dairy, and make sure you exercise is vigorous.

Type A

Type A is agrarian and should look towards a diet based around soy, grains and organic vegetables. The exercise required for this blood type is gentle.

Type B

Type B is nomadic. People with Type B blood should avoid beans, and eat plenty of dairy products, meat, corn, and wheat. They should ensure to do moderate exercise.

Type AB

Type AB is the modern blood type. These people should focus on seafood, tofu, dairy and produce. If you have type AB blood, you should limit your intake of chicken, beef, and pork. In terms of exercise, type ABs should do calming exercise such as yoga.

The benefits of matching your blood type and diet

This diet is certainly not groundbreaking as it follows some of the guidelines that a regular registered dietician would. For example, Dr. D’Adamo recommends consuming fat daily but also limiting your sugar and alcohol intake – pretty standard stuff. Whether there is scientific proof behind the claims that you should match your diet to your blood type is a little less certain.

Potential issues of matching your blood type and diet

There may be a few issues with the individual advice on diets. For example, those who are told to limit dairy may find that they are lacking in calcium. Those that are told to eat a lot of meat may be vegetarian, in which case they could find themselves low in protein. There are a lot of nutritional defects in Americans, such as calcium, fiber, and potassium, so cutting our food groups may cause more issues.

Things to consider

If you are contemplating this diet, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration. When looking at the foods that are recommended for your blood type, you must think if these are even things you like to eat. Does anything conflict with pre-existing allergies or food intolerances? Will this diet work with your budget and time restraints? Remember that although you are encouraged to eat plenty of certain types of foods, you do still have to be aware of portion sizes. Make sure the exercise also suits you.

How to match your diet to your blood type

So why not give it a go? Find out your blood type and see how it affects you to try this diet.

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