Matte, metallic, frosty: Your guide to lipstick finishes

Someone once said (and was right) that a lipstick could be either a woman’s best friend, or her worst foe. Your lipstick can either enhance your look or ruin your visage, but it will always make for an essential component of your makeup paraphernalia. From bold orange to pastel pink, lipstick colors can be plethoric, often making it difficult for style enthusiasts to choose the best one.

The most integral factor making a lipstick good or bad is its finish. Some lipstick finishes enhance your look by giving a seamless touch to your lips, while others ruin your game entirely with their caking tendency. To make the choosing process easier for you, here are three popular lipstick finishes you should know about.

Matte, metallic, frosty: Your guide to lipstick finishes


In simplest terms, matte finishes are shine-free. These lipsticks pack a flat but pronounced stroke of color, just enough for you to grab the limelight. Lipsticks with matte finish dry very quickly and leave behind no shine. Some of you may be skeptical about this finish, but it’s very much in trend these days.

You will, however, have to take some care while wearing a matte finish lipstick because it’s hard to refine. You might come across some disappointing options in the marketplace, especially the cheaper ones, which drag your application, highlight lip lines, and provide an uneven spread.


If sparkly makeup is what you fancy, then a lipstick with a metallic finish would be an ideal choice for you. These lipsticks are uber attractive, making them a perfect option to pair with your casual dresses. Are you looking for a lipstick for the holiday season? The metallic finish is a solid choice owing to its shimmery quality.

Lipsticks with metallic finishes prove much bolder than matte finish lipsticks. Although pigmented like their matte cousins, these lipsticks have a much creamier and thicker formula. Generally, you may come across jewel-toned colors like gold, silver, and bronze, which are highly reflective.

Matte, metallic, frosty: Your guide to lipstick finishes


Last but certainly not least, you can go for a frosty finish, which has a pearlescent glint to take your makeup a notch higher. Although lipsticks with a frosty finish are a little tricky to pull off, these are one of the trendiest lipstick finishes you can have. These lipsticks can dry and feel heavy because they are high in shimmer, which is why you should prepare your lips before wearing.

Frosty lipsticks are great for flaunting an icy appeal. So, make sure you don’t apply your lipstick too heavily if you are aiming at subtlety. These are the perfect lipstick finishes to add to your makeup collection to enhance your glamour, but are recommended only for a certain type of women.

After going over all the types of lipstick you can use – Matte, metallic, and frosty – it your choice about what is right for you. However, it is OK if you decide not to use any lipstick at all, but the important thing is to know yourself and the things that really suit you.

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