Mckayla Maroney’s most unforgettable (and now deleted) posts

McKayla Maroney is known for being a world-renowned Olympic gymnast. But she’s also turned into a huge social media star. Though many of her most risque pics have been deleted, we managed to snag some of her most outrageous Instagram posts and we can now share them with you. For all that she knows about athletics, McKayla would do well to remember one simple rule about computers – nothing is ever truly gone from the internet. And as for you, gentle reader? Well, you can thank us later…

[post_page_title]Party hard[/post_page_title]

After spending the majority of her career in the gym, training for hours on end, working on her artistic routines, traveling the world and tirelessly aiming towards a gold medal, we bet it was a relief for McKayla to finally feel the metal against her chest after the 2012 Olympics.

After she announced her retirement from competitive gymnastics in 2016, McKayla has made it her mission to have as much fun as possible with her newfound fame and fortune – and it seems as if she’s doing just that. After posting this epic selfie on Instagram, fans were begging for an invite to this poochy fancy dress party.

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