Meghan Markle’s best outfits

Another royal wedding is around the corner and we could not be more excited! Prince Harry and Suits star Meghan Markle recently got engaged, causing a media frenzy and countdown to the latest royal wedding. Ever since William and Kate tied the knot in 2011, fans of the British Monarchy have been anticipating the moment when Harry would get engaged.

William and Kate’s wedding was an internationally viewed event and every detail about the wedding was reported on for months after it occurred. It seems that people all over the world are obsessed with the royals and love getting a small glimpse into their elite and glamorous lives. With another wedding on the horizon, all eyes are on Meghan Markle and journalists are digging to find out any information that can find on the soon-to-be duchess; the couple’s engagement came after years of Harry’s heavily covered bachelor life, whose escapades had many speculating over whether he would ever stand at the end of an alter.

Harry was infamous for his party lifestyle and known to date famous British models and socialites. Harry was in early thirties and he did not seem to have plans to settle down in the near future when he began dating actress Meghan Markle in the summer of 2016. As their relationship blossomed, the public held its collective breath and waited to see if the two would ever get engaged. That day finally arrived, following which the two stated they are set to wed in May of 2018.

Until the fateful day arrives, all eyes will be on the couple and paparazzi will be watching their every move. The engagement has also led the public to learn more about Meghan Markle, who in many ways does not fit the criteria of a typical royal spouse (i.e. she is American and divorced).

The Los Angeles native is of caucasian and African-American descent, and she attended Northwestern University before becoming an actress. Markle has appeared on shows such as CSI: NY, General Hospital and she also held a briefcase on the gameshow Deal or No Deal. The actress is best known for her role as Rachel Zane on the television show Suits. She has stated that once after she walks down the aisle, she will be transitioning out of her career.

In addition to being a talented actress, Meghan Markle is also a fashion-forward lady. When Kate Middleton and Prince William married, the public was fixated on Kate’s outfits, and it will be no different with Meghan. Women around the world are paying attention to what she is wearing and they can’t wait to see what the future royal will wear on her wedding day. Here are some of Meghan Markle’s best outfits to date.

[post_page_title]Mermaid Meghan[/post_page_title]

The lovely Meghan Markle looks more stylish than ever in this gorgeous getup. She almost resembles a beautiful mermaid in this amazing, curve-hugging blue dress. Everything is right with this dress as the color looks amazing on her and the cut of the dress compliments her figure perfectly. If this is any hint as to what her wedding dress will look like, she will make a gorgeous bride. Even though this photo was taken before she got engaged, Meghan already looks like a royal in this red carpet look. With her hair up ever so elegantly, she’s the epitome of classiness and demonstrates poise fit for a true future princess.

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