Memorable celebrity Halloween costumes

What are two things in this world that we love deeply? Celebrities and Halloween costumes! If you agree, then today is your lucky day, because we’ve compiled a list of the best celebrity Halloween costumes that have ever been worn. When you see some of these whoppers, you’ll be surprised that you ever let them pass you by.

[post_page_title]Nicole Scherzinger: Cleopatra[/post_page_title]

Singer Nicole Scherzinger does not normally need any form of added assistance in being drool-worthy. However, on Halloween, she really upped her game and brought us this ancient Egyptian look.

Nicole as Cleopatra is quite a sight we must say. Halloween is an excuse for people to dress however they want, and often much different than they normally would, not just for celebs. People everywhere allow themselves to walk about town to parties in what they may never have worn otherwise.

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