Model Ashley Graham distracts star athletes at the beach

Have you ever gone to your local movie theater, and unexpectedly seen a movie star? Or perhaps you went out to a hot nightclub, and happened to run into your favorite professional athlete. These are rare events that can happen to anyone, and when they do – it’s always an exciting moment. It’s cool to see, not necessarily because you love them and what they do – sometimes you see a celebrity that you’ve never even heard of before – but there’s a certain overall effect they have on the people around them, that you can’t help but feel like you got lucky.

And when you see a beautiful shining star… You fall into a trance. You can’t help but wonder if there is something specific you should say or do to savor the moment. Should you take a picture? Should you ask them if they could take a picture with you? Should you hop up and down like an energetic, oversized bunny? Should you just be polite and say hello, and tell them you appreciate their work? Or maybe you just stop and stare – and that’s actually what a few players on the West Ham soccer team did when they saw someone special at the beach.

It’s one thing for regular people who have never been in the spotlight to feel starstruck when they see someone famous. It’s another thing for famous athletes to get super distracted – they are supposed to be the ones who are used to seeing famous people, so what they saw at the beach must have been something very special. The person they saw was a fashion model who has been an inspiration to millions upon millions of fans all over the world, and a role model for young women. They saw none other than model and Instagram star Ashley Graham.

But it wasn’t so much about who they saw – it was about what they saw her doing. Andy Carroll and Mark Noble, West Ham stars, had been slightly bummed because their team hadn’t been playing too well lately – they were 16th place in the Premier League and they had just suffered a rough 3-0 loss against Burnley, an opposing team. So they figured that going to the beach would provide a much needed sense of relaxation – except they clearly got more than they bargained for. When they saw Ashley Graham at the beach doing what she does best, they were able to temporarily forget about their soccer woes – and smile brightly in the glimmering sunlight.
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There really is nothing quite like a fun, relaxing day at the beach. Whether you like to go there with your family, or whether you’re meeting up with your old college buddies, it can be the perfect place to just chill out. A few members of the West Ham soccer team felt this way – and so did fashion model Ashley Graham. The beauty of the beach is that it’s a place for everyone to meet up – and it’s not always with people you expect.

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