Mompreneurs and Mom Bosses: Why You Should Start An Ecommerce Business

Nothing says “woman power” like a mom boss. It’s a full time job to take care of kids, and running an eCommerce business is no laughing matter either. But there are several reasons you should start one of your own. The traits you possess may be the exact things that make it a success.

Being a mother requires patience and creativity. Children will surprise you at every turn, whether it be good or bad. You have developed certain abilities that allow you to take on the challenges they throw at you. With this comes the question, “What else can I apply these skills to?” We have the answer. An ecommerce business will provide you with income, control, and a creative outlet. You can work around your busy schedule when you are your own boss and “bringing home the bacon” can’t hurt either. Here’s a list of the reasons we think you should start your own ecommerce business.



Owning your own ecommerce business will give you independence. You make the decisions about scheduling and inventory. When you’re your own boss, it’s easy to adjust work around the kids. And when it comes to deciding on products, suppliers, lenders, and even small details, such as the logo, you make the final decision. Plus, you earn your own income. Nothing gives us a sense of self-worth and independence as much as a paycheck.

Creative Outlet

Owning a business involves a lot of creativity. You have to be a problem-solver and artist. Running an ecommerce business will flex your creative mind. Solve the puzzles the business world presents you. Enjoy designing platforms, advertisements, and even the products. Minds need an outlet—an escape—from the humdrum of daily life. What better way than managing a successful business?



Mothers are constantly adapting and learning about their children and their children’s environment. You need to make sure that they stay healthy and the environment is safe for them to be in. It’s the same for businesses. You need to learn how to keep your business thriving and avoid obstacles that could potentially harm your ecommerce business. Keeping track of accounts and watching for dips in the economy are only a couple of things that will keep you on your toes during the process.


Money is what makes the world go round. Yes, bills need to be paid. And what’s life without spoiling yourself once in a while? Money earned from your business will provide your family with support and you with a sense of accomplishment. Use it to expand your business or pay off those student loans. Take your sister to the mall and spoil yourselves with a spa day. In short, money gives you some breathing room to live your life comfortably.



Family is a definite motivator to build an ecommerce business. You want to provide for them financially, yes, but you also want to lead by example. Encourage those young minds to reach heights they never thought possible. Inspire your spouse, siblings, and parents to go after their own goals. Motivate yourself to do better each passing day and that gung-ho spirit will spread to those around you.

You’re A Leader

Parents are leaders. You must guide a young, naive mind to success. They want to grow and expand their sponge-like minds. And sometimes they can start walking down the wrong path if you don’t pay attention. Think of an ecommerce business like a child. It needs your insight, patience, and a firm hand to guide it to greatness. Don’t think it’s the same thing? You try growing a business without those necessary qualities.



Everyone wants to be successful. Of course, every person’s definition of success is different. You’re already a successful parent, so maybe it’s time to become a successful business owner? Who says you can’t be successful in more than one area? Be an inspiration for parents who doubt that they can do it. We know you can. So, get out there and kick some butt.

You’re A Multitasker

Multitasker and Mother basically mean the same thing. It’s in the job description. Thankfully, it’s also in a business owner’s repertoire. There are several aspects to a business, and each one needs your attention at the same time. It requires someone with patience and efficiency, which are the exact qualities we believe you have. Don’t doubt yourself. Parenting is much harder than owning a business, so starting your own ecommerce business will be a piece of cake.

You’re Resourceful


You know how to get the job done. Moms are the ones we look to when we need help. They’re the perfect leader. Business owners like yourself know how to reach out for the proper tools such as funding from 8fig, platform design from Canva, marketing automation from, delivery from Aftership, and accounting from Quickbooks. Running a business requires a lot of moving parts, and moms know exactly where to go to find them.

It’s Your Dream

It’s been your dream to run your own ecommerce business. Your passion for the products or service goes beyond materialism. You want to make a name for yourself. Remember, we can be fulfilled by many things. That includes our work. If you’ve been dreaming about starting an ecommerce business, what are you waiting for? Make it a reality. The only one holding you back is you.

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