Morning activities that will make your day better

You know how it is; one thing goes wrong in the morning, and it seems as though the whole day is a complete write off! Thankfully, the opposite is also true and here are some things that you can do in the morning to help you have a fantastic day!

Make your bed

It’s not an exciting way to start your day, but it is a good one! By making your bed, you are starting your morning off right. You will be less tempted to crawl back in after your morning shower, and it will make your room instantly look tidier. It’s an excellent habit to get into, and you’ll be able to tick a task off your to-do list immediately! It’s a small change that will make a difference to your mood.

Morning activities that will make your day better

Go for a walk

There are so many fantastic reasons to start your day with a nice walk! The natural light will wake you up and give you a natural energy boost, and the short walk will help keep you healthy and release those feel-good endorphins that come from doing exercise. Being out in nature is great for your mental health, and it doesn’t cost a penny! Grab a pair of headphones or take your dog with you on your morning stroll for an extra boost.

Drink a glass of water

It’s important to stay hydrated and so before you drink your cup of joe, make sure you down a glass of water first! It will help kickstart your body and brain and get it ready for the day, as well as replenishing any sweat or other fluids you may have lost in the night while you have been sleeping.

Eat breakfast

Sometimes we don’t feel like eating in the morning, but it is such an important meal that you may have to force yourself to consume even just a little something. Make breakfast something to look forward to every day, rather than a chore, and you will start looking at it a different way. Breakfast gives you the energy to get through that pesky morning commute and the boring team meeting, as well as kickstarting your metabolism.

Morning activities that will make your day better


We are always on our phones, ingesting information and it can sometimes feel like a bit of sensory overload! Before you start reading and replying to those morning emails, set your phone aside and read a book or newspaper in print. It is an excellent moment of calm and reflection that can be done over breakfast and will help reduce your stress levels.

Make your todo list for the day

Starting the day with a list of things to accomplish during the day should help you become focused and motivated. Make sure you write down the small tasks too, to help you feel a sense of accomplishment, in fact, why not start with ‘write todo list’ at the very top so you can cross something off as soon as you finish!


Whether you want to go full-scale lotus position meditation, or you’d rather just sit and clear your mind, meditation can set you up for a focused and less stressed day. It can reduce your blood pressure, and if you do it regularly, you can increase your energy and are less likely to become sick. If you struggle to do it on your own, there are apps and videos online that will take you through short guided meditations.

Morning activities that will make your day better

Remember, the best way to have a good day is to start it off right – you’ll thank yourself!

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