This mother had to make a difficult choice when giving birth to miracle triplets

Finding out that you’re expecting a baby is a joyous occasion for everyone involved. Once those two pink lines tell you that your world is about to be turned upside down, it’s completely out of your control, and you have no idea what pregnancy – or parenthood – is going to throw at you. You might have a boy, you might have a girl, and you might even have a multiple birth so you get one of each! There’s no way to tell until the first scan when all is revealed.

Of course, your chances of having a single birth are much higher than your chances of having a multiple birth, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. In fact, the CDC has noted that in 2015 alone, a whopping 133,155 births were twin births, 228 were quadruplet births, and just 24 were quintuplets or more. Yet, what we’re really interested in is the number of triplet births… which came out at 4,123!

This year, one particular family was one of the few thousands to welcome triplets into their lives – but their path wasn’t easy. Far from it, in fact. Devastatingly, this mother had to make a difficult choice when giving birth to her miracle triplets, one that would change her and her family’s life forever.

Mothers often make sacrifices for their children, and play no favorites. But what happens when one mother was forced to make a choice between two impossible, unthinkable alternatives? Read on to find out.
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Although there are some people who vow to never have kids, there are others who spend their early lives waiting for the day that they can become a mother or a father. They dream of pushing their child on the swings in the local park, they prepare themselves for the nightly feeds, and they spend their time wishing to have a boy or a girl. But what happens when life throws your a curveball, and you get more than you bargained for? And what if you are forced into a choice no parent should be face with?

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