This ghost ship washed up on shore after 9 years lost at sea

This ghost ship washed up on shore after 9 years lost at sea

There are many stories about ghost ships that have sent chills down our spines through the years, but none are quite as thrilling as the completely real tale of the Sam Ratulangi. This cargo ship had been lost at sea for nearly a decade, with anyone long having lost hope of ever finding it again, before reappearing without explanation just a couple of miles off the coast of a village in Myanmar. So what happened to it, and how come there was no one on board – alive or dead?

[post_page_title]Washing up on shore[/post_page_title]

It’s not rare for some pretty unexpected things to wash up on the shore from time to time. Whether it’s a message in a bottle, some driftwood, or perhaps even a giant squid – people have found the strangest things at the beach.

Washing up on shore

However, something entirely different washed up on the shore in Myanmar – a ship that had been reported missing no less than nine years ago. Perhaps it was presumed to have sunk, so no one thought to go out and look for it, but the huge ship revealed itself after spending years at sea.

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