All you need to know about the sassy cheerleader everyone’s talking about

All across the nation, there are hundreds of cheerleading squads all looking to support their school’s sports team, and bring home the national title of the best cheerleading squad. From the pom poms to spelling out their team name, the incredible twists through the air to riling up the crowd, cheerleaders have an incredibly high profile job on the sidelines of the big games.

Various competitions are held all year round to determine who is the best, most team-spirited squad in the nation. It’s pom poms at dawn as the teams throw themselves higher, pushing themselves further each year in the hopes of becoming number one. For one squad from North Carolina, their chance to take home that title came around in January 2018. Although their cheer routine blew away the entire competition, it was one of their squad members who ended up being the center of attention. What started as getting into the right frame of mind ended up giving the world the “sassy cheerleader.”

Cheerleading has become so popular that these days, 80% of all schools across America have their own cheer squad. But did you know that despite being a staple of most big sporting events, cheerleading didn’t become a sport until the late 1800s? Or that back then, it was as an all-male event? Luckily, the sport now allows women to join, and as it grew in prestige, more and more opted to take part in it, so that at present, more than 4 million people competing in the sport.

Whether someone decides to join their school’s cheerleading squad for school spirit, to cheer on the football jocks or to become an athlete in their own right, being a cheerleader takes a tremendous amount of dedication and practice to pull off all those incredible routines. Such was the case for the Cheer Extreme Allstars, whose members had put in years of training to finally reach the national championships. But although their squad as a whole put their heart and soul into their routine, there was one sassy lady who managed to inadvertently pull the focus onto herself, to become the highlight of the entire event…

[post_page_title]The birth of a meme[/post_page_title]

2018 is fully underway meaning there will be a ton of new memes rolling in with each passing day. However, it takes a special kind of talent to make themselves go viral, and from the looks of her, this fierce and fiery girl has got what it takes to shine. In her case, it took competing at the Spirit of Hope National Championship held in Charlotte to see her rise to fame, as she gifted the world with the sassy cheerleader.

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