Not many grandmothers look like this

Bust out that plastic covered couch and bring out the chocolate covered almonds, because it’s grandmother season. You probably think we’re crazy, like there’s no such thing as grandmother season. But you would be dead wrong to think such a thing, because after reading this story, you’ll wish every season was dedicated to our wonderful grandmas that we all know and love.

This is a story about a young woman named Carrie Hilton, and there are two crucial things you should know about her before we begin. The first is that she is 35 years old. The second is that she is a grandmother. Now take a couple moments for that fact to sink in – once you’re done with that, join us as we continue to talk about Carrie and why she is taking the world by storm. What about the fact that this grandmother is an absolute stunner?

Indeed, all you have to do is take one good look at her and you can see that this lady probably has no trouble at all getting dates. And she could probably get those dates without having to send them a birthday card with 20 dollars inside. The fact is, it’s not every day you see someone as beautiful as this woman right here, and learn that she has a daughter who has a daughter as well – it’s simply not a common thing.

But how did Carrie come to look the way she does? Sure, we have already acknowledged that she is very young to be a grandmother, but even most 35-years-olds don’t look the way that she does. Indeed, Carrie actually reveals to us all many things about her every day that inform us about what makes her tick. And we also find out much about what she does in her everyday life that helps her look so fit – and not all of it is what you might expect.

Upon finding out more secrets about Carrie’s life, there are some people out there that don’t necessarily agree with all of the choices she’s made. But at the end of the day, regardless of whether or not you agree with her choices, there is something deeply poignant we come to learn about Carrie the more we open our eyes. Her family may not be like most, but she loves them and cares deeply about them – and that’s more important than anything else.

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Hey friends. We’d like to introduce you to a woman named Carrie Hilton, a media sales manager from Manchester. On the surface, she may seem like any typical woman – she’s 35 years old, she has a good job, she takes out the trash when it gets full, she likes to exercise. She even likes to hang out on social media when she gets bored. Anything else? Oh yeah, she is also a grandmother.

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