Where are they now? TV’s most memorable reality stars

Over the years, new reality shows have been popping up as reality television has become more and more successful. There are now reality shows that cover every topic from music to the everyday lives of strangers. For example, American Idol is a reality show that focuses on hopeful musicians while Survivor revolves around people living in nature and competing against one another.

A reality show is defined by being a program that it supposedly unscripted (although many reality fans would beg to differ). Many reality shows have become successful franchises with multiple seasons and spin-off shows. For example, The Bachelor is a reality show where a single guy lives in a house with a group of girls and proposes to one of them at the end of the show. The show has been on the air for years and it spawned several spin-offs including The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

Another reality show that revolves around people finding love is called Married at First Sight. The premise of this show is definitely unique as it starts off by the producers gathering a group of people that are matched up into couples by psychologists.

Two people that have never met before are introduced for the first time on their wedding day and they are made to live together for six weeks. After the six weeks are up, the couples either decide to stay together or get divorced. The show has actually led to a couple of lasting marriages and it has spawned international versions.

Reality shows have led otherwise ordinary people into international stardom and one of the most famous families in the world even got their star on reality TV. Ever heard of the Kardashians? Well, after a certain video of Kim Kardashian surfaced, the family got their own show on E!, which they have to this day.

Unscripted shows have made a number of people famous and launched their careers. For example, Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson got her star after she won American Idol. There are other shows such as Kate Plus 8 and 19 Kids and Counting that have launched American families into the spotlight. Audiences love tuning into shows about families with a lot of kids and these families have made millions as a result. But where are all of the most famous reality stars today and how have they changed since getting their own shows?

[post_page_title]Kate Gosselin | Then[/post_page_title]

Kate Gosselin used to be an average American who was a registered nurse in Pennsylvania. However, after giving birth to twins and then sextuplets, Kate and her then husband Jon were approached to do a reality show by TLC. Jon and Kate Plus 8 began airing in 2007 and has had ten seasons since. However, the show is now called Kate Plus 8 because Kate and Jon got divorced following an alleged cheating scandal in 2009.

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