Where are they now? The women of Two and a Half Men

When you stop to think about it, Two and a Half Men should really be called Three and a Half Men, if you count Ashton Kutcher’s late-series replacement of Charlie Sheen when his lifestyle got just too winning. Nevertheless, the show was always more about the ladies in those men’s lives. In Charlie’s case, there were a lot of them… So what are they up to today?

[post_page_title]Jeri Ryan – Sherri | Then[/post_page_title]

Sherri gave Charlie a run for his money as she was considered the female version of him. Sherri was always trying to get Charlie to spend the night with her, leaving Charlie to seek revenge because he was not the user in the relationship – an experience wholly unusual for him. Alan eventually started dating Sherri, but it did not work out because of her past with Charlie. Sherri showed up in three episodes and her last appearance featured her calling Rose a “selfish pig” at Charlie’s funeral.

Jeri Ryan – Sherri | Then

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