How often should people wash their hair

Hair gets greasy just the same way face does. The skin has oil glands that discharge an oily substance known as sebum. This oily substance moistens hair and prevents it from drying out, and this is why your hair gets greasy as often as your face does. Shampoo schedules are pretty serious. Timing is necessary if you need your hair to look clean and fresh, but this opportunity varies depending on your type of hair.

How often should people really wash their hair

So, how often should people really wash their hair? Experts unanimously agree that your hair needs washing every 2-3 days. Of course, this varies based on your specific hair type. As a general rule of thumb, Asian and thick brunette hair types often get greasy rapidly and need washing more regularly, at least three or more times per week. Colored, over-processed, texture or Afro-Caribbean hair type is dryer and can last longer without being cleaned. More often than not, this type of hair will need to be washed on one or more times per week.

Lifestyle factors also have a significant role to play when it comes to air cleaning schedule – those who perform sweaty workouts or work in polluted environments may need to wash their hair more regularly. People with flat, fine hair may need to wash it every other day. The reason is that fine hair shows oily skin more conspicuously than other types of hair, which makes you want to clean it each day. However, you will have to exercise refrain because washing it every day may worsen the situation. Instead, cleanse your fine hair every other day using a shampoo with a gentle formula. You may have to invest in a perfect dry shampoo for removing grease. Those who have thick hair will need to cleanse it once a week. Thick hair doesn’t call for regular washing because it has denser hair follicles that tend to distribute oil more than thinner hair. The celebrity hairstylist Miles Jeffries, who works with Mariah Carey, suggests that people with thin hair need to wash it once per week.

For those with wavy hair or loose curls, washing needs to be done every other day. Heavier shampoos can weigh down wavy hair types more easily than coily curls. Still, waves require frequent hydration with a sulfate-free cleanser to keep them defined and frizz-free. Use it with a touch of moisture to keep your hair defined, full-bodied, and beach-y. Those who have damaged hair will have to clean it at least every three days.

How often should people really wash their hair

Several things can damage hair, including keratin treatments, relaxers, or coloring. Damaged hair looks rough, dull, and dry. People who have healthy hair need do the washing every other day. To be honest, there is nothing like normal hair, but if your hair doesn’t fall in oily, curly, thick, or fine – it likely falls in the middle category. For that reason, you are allowed to utilize a shampoo somewhere in the middle. Normal hair needs cleansing every other day using a shampoo that is devoid of harsh chemicals. Try to stay away from those shampoos that have stripping chemicals as well. That way, you will be able to maintain the health of your hair without any problem.

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