How to organize notes to stay on top of things

It can be challenging to figure out exactly what we’ve got to do and when, if we don’t keep ourselves organized, and there’s nothing worse than knowing you’re meant to be doing something, but you have no idea what that thing is. One of the easiest ways to keep organized is to create simple notes and lists which outline what needs doing and when its due.

Make it pretty

The most effective notes are often color coded. While it may sound like we’re just trying to convince you to do some coloring, this technique really is proven to be useful. This can be done in a huge range of ways, and you just need to figure out what works best for you. A popular approach is to color each item on your list red, green, or orange according to either their due date or how close to completion they are. You could color them based on their complexity which could decide their priorities, for example, a task colored in red may be long and taxing, so might be the number one priority. Or you could pick a color for each day or location of where or when you will be completing the task.

How to organize notes to stay on top of things

Use charts

Another common way to organize your notes and keep on top of everything you should be doing is to make charts out of all of your tasks. This keeps them simple, neat, and easy to understand. This works for a range of lists and notes, such as organizing a vacation packing list into things to buy, pack, and already packed, or if you’re working out a budget, you could make a chart which includes the reason for a payment, the payee, how it is to be paid, and when. This method allows you to understand exactly what’s happening at a quick glance.


Sorting your notes into related categories or alphabetical order can make them easy to find and read, especially if you have a lot. If you need to know what happened in a specific work meeting, you can flick through a folder to that date or the name of the person who led it. There are endless ways to categorize your notes, but it can make a big difference to your organization and save you a ton of time.

How to organize notes to stay on top of things

Check through them regularly

You never want to forget anything, so you need to make sure you check back through your notes frequently. In doing this, you can have a regular clear out. You won’t ever feel on top of things if you have a ton of useless other notes and expired to-do lists. Once a week, go through everything and throw away anything you aren’t going to need again, and your notes will stay organized and relevant.

Organizing your notes is vital to staying on top of everything you need to do and the places you need to go. Not every organizational technique works for everyone, but if you try a few different options, you can find which works best for you and keep up to date with everything you need to know.

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