Paralyzed mother left by husband, finds new love with trainer who helped her walk again

One thing that is certain in life, is that there are a lot of surprises. While some may be good, like meeting the love of your life, landing a dream job, having children, others are not. Life is filled with obstacles and challenges that come our way and we need to learn to face and overcome them as best as we can. Of course, it is not always easy. Sometimes, something so traumatic and life-changing happens to us that we feel entirely stuck, like we can’t move on. It is at that point where we can either give up completely or keep trying until we succeed.

The story of Riona, a mother who suffered a stroke and was left paralyzed from the waist down, seems like a story of sadness, but it is actually a story of hope, and overcoming life’s greatest obstacles by making the most of an unfortunate event.

After Riona’s husband left her on the hospital bed, only 5 days after finding out that his wife is paralyzed, Riona was left alone, scared and hurt. She was so depressed that she felt like giving up. Doctors told her that she would never walk again, and Riona felt lost, confused, and hopeless.

Before her stroke, she was living a healthy life with her husband of 14 years and her 4 children. Never in a million years did she think that something like this would happen to her. She found herself asking ‘why me?’, and was so angry and devastated that she had difficulty waking up in the morning. When Riona was faced with the decision to give up or to keep trying, she eventually chose the latter, determined to walk again for her, and for her children. She made up her mind then and there that she was not going to give up no matter how hard it may be.

Life has a tendency to throw surprises our way, and when Riona’s stroke led her to something incredible, finding new love, she could finally see the complete picture. With the help of her trainer, she was able to not only walk again, but love again. She has since stopped feeling sorry for herself and believes that everything happens for a reason. She may have been through a lot, and none of it has been easy, but she is now happier, braver, and stronger than ever before.

Who would have thought that something so tragic, could lead to such a romantic love story?

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Riona Kelly is a 37-year-old woman, and mother-of-four from West Yorkshire, England. She had the perfect family with her husband, Richard, who she had been married to for 14 years. However, tragedy struck the family in March 2015, after she suffered a stroke of the spinal cord and the lower half of her body was left paralyzed. Of course, this is no news that no person, especially a mother, ever wants to, or is expecting to hear.

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