Parenting fails that are way too relatable

Most moms and dads will likely tell you that having a child is one of life’s greatest gifts. But as rewarding as being a mother or father truly is, it goes without saying that our lives become changed after having kids.

It often means a much busier and more hectic schedule consisted of shuffling our children back and forth between daycare or school, friends’ houses, soccer practice, dance class, etc. In other words, us parents are exhausted.

And as much as we try to be the world’s best mother or father, the more we find out how impossible that really is. But don’t worry, we all make mistakes. And sometimes we fail so hard at this whole parenting thing, that the only thing we can do is just laugh it off. Or, we can watch other parents fail as well in order to make us feel better!

[post_page_title]Moldy lunch[/post_page_title]

One thing almost all parents have in common? Having to deal with the dreaded lunch-making every night. Sure, it doesn’t sound too hard – how difficult can making a sandwich and cutting up a few pieces of fruit really be right?

Unfortunately, the reality for most parents is that packing your kid’s lunch box often comes at night time, after a full day of shuffling your kids to and from school, soccer practice, ballet class, making them dinner, giving them baths, putting them to bed…. you get the picture. Typically, when lunch-making time comes around, you are already pretty exhausted – and could accidentally make a sandwich out of moldy bread and not even realize it.

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