Pay up! Millennials and the designer debit card craze

We want you to think about what you’ve spent today. Are you doing it? Perhaps you spent a few dollars on your daily coffee (you need something to get you through work, right?). Perhaps you decided to shell out for a brand new outfit for your hot date tonight, or perhaps you took a risk and decided to buy a home for the first time. Either way, there’s a high chance that you have spent money today, but how much of that have you spent in actual, physical cash? Because physical cash is going out of fashion, more and more banks and companies are trying out new ways to get young people invested in their banks, which is why the designer debit card craze is taking the world of Millenials by storm…

What is a designer debit card?

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what the heck we’re talking about right now, you don’t need to worry – the designer debit card trend was lost on us to start with, too! Nevertheless, we now kinda love it. Like every other debit card on the planet, this card allows you to spend your own money on whatever you want. It comes straight out of the hard-earned money you have in your bank account and allows you to pay for anything and everything. However, a designer debit card is a little different because it doesn’t look like your average piece of plastic. In fact, more and more companies are getting major artists involved with their brand to entice people into these designer debit cards.

It’s all about the art

Yep, it’s all about the art with these designer debit cards, because they need to look good! With so many debit cards on offer, it’s hard for Millenials to decide which bank to go for. To make things easier, these companies and banks have enlisted these artists to design debit cards that aren’t your usual rectangles of plastic. Instead, they are creative, they are beautiful, and they look pretty darn awesome in your pocket or in your wallet. Our favorite? When the savings app called Acorns decided to give its customers a physical debit card made from plastic and tungsten, made to look as if it were crafted from solid oak. Pretty neat, huh?

Gaining your confidence

Although you might think this is a ridiculous idea, initial studies have noted that these designer debit cards can give Millennials a new heap of confidence in the real world. Just as the American Express Centurion Card (also called The Black Card) shows the world that the person means business, Millennials also believe that the designer debit cards show the people around them that they are confident and responsible – which eventually becomes a part of the person. You can’t go wrong with a little added confidence. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why there is still a waiting list to grab an Acorns debit card. The card itself offers us very little rewards in a monetary respect, but people still want them to show everyone that they are the coolest.

The generational gap

So why are these designer debit cards much more popular with Millennials than everyone else in the world? Well, it seems as though this generational gap comes from the desire to stay away from debt. Millenials have seen the damage that debt has done to those who are older than them, and they want to avoid that at all costs. Instead of opting for credit cards that offer many more perks but a ton of debt, they would prefer to stick with their own money and customize this. Because Millennials no longer see credit cards as a symbol of adulthood, they are now focusing their attention on these cool debit cards.

Are you a Millennial? Are you conscious about your spending habits? Could a designer debit card be for you? Well, there’s only one way to find out…

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