People share their funny and creative Pinterest craft fails

People share their funny and creative Pinterest craft fails

No matter how much we try, some of us are simply lacking in creative juices. You’re lucky if creativity comes naturally to you, because all of us left behind simply cannot make any magic with the arts and crafts we try out. Just look at these Pinterest craft fails. You can see how much effort has been put into them, but sadly, the end result is nothing like the envisioned pretty picture.

[post_page_title]Backyard renovations[/post_page_title]

What was supposed to be a backyard haven to relax in on a beautiful summer’s day, ended up looking like a backyard dumping ground. They were obviously trying to build an outside space of serenity to enjoy some peace and quiet…

Backyard renovations

But in reality, all they got was a makeshift canopy covering what looks like a junkyard sale. This is not quite the luxurious yard the owners were probably imagining. One gust of wind and that whole thing is coming down!

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