The most perfectly timed selfies ever taken

Nowadays, it seems as though you can’t visit any social network without seeing at least a dozen selfies on your news feed. Whether it’s celebrity selfies, selfies of your friends at lunch, or your mom taking a selfie with the dog, there’s no denying that as a society we have become a bit selfie-obsessed. There’s something so satisfying about taking the perfect selfie, complete with a Snapchat filter of course, that you then post on social media in the hope for dozens of likes. However, sometimes selfies don’t always go to plan…

We like to call these ‘perfectly timed selfies.’ When something totally out of the ordinary happens as you hit that capture button. From posing with some of the coolest animals in the jungle, through to snapping a photo with your favorite celeb in the background, perfectly timed selfies are even better than looking cute as a dog with your tongue sticking out (thanks for that filter, Snapchat).

With the invention of camera phones and social media, it is now commonplace to see people taking selfies wherever you go. When you go on vacation, you might notice hundreds of tourists crowding the biggest attractions with selfie sticks in hand. When you go to a concert or event, pretty much everyone has their phones out to record what’s on stage, with the occasional flip of the camera to snap their reaction. Selfies are everywhere, and it’s unlikely they will be fading into obscurity anytime soon… While you might be getting bored of seeing everyone’s selfies plastered on social media, there’s no denying that some of them are worth the hundreds (if not thousands) of likes they get. Just like these perfectly timed selfies…

[post_page_title]Bird fight[/post_page_title]

Where do we start with this photo? Firstly, why is this guy traveling around with a parrot on his shoulder… Is he a pirate? Secondly, why is he feeding his parrot fries? And thirdly, where on earth did that seagull come from?!

Bird fight

This guy probably never expected to have a bird fight on his shoulder when he took this perfectly timed selfie. We want to know who eventually won the battle over that lonely fry… We’re rooting for the parrot!

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